Ken Wooldridge was born in Botswana.

He is the son of Fred and Gwen Wooldridge.
Gwen became a Christian in the aftermath of the revival of John G Lake in South Africa. She attended the first Apostolic Faith Mission Bible College there.

Fred was a devout Christian and man of prayer. He was helpful in effecting the Spiritual destiny of Botswana.

This greatly impacted Kenís life.
After experiencing salvation Ken experienced the call of God in his life. At a young age he was enthusiastically active in the local Church and Missions. He then attended Berea Theological College where he graduated. Later he was ordained to the ministry.

He met and married Marie, the daughter of Izak and Annetjie Cronje.

They were blessed with two children, Charlene and Mark.

Charlene has blessed Ken and Marie with three grandchildren, Dale, Isaac and Ken. Mark is married to Alicia and they have blessed us with a granddaughter her name is Eva.

Over the years Ken and Marie have successfully ministered in several churches. Ken has travelled, preached and taught in many countries around the world. Ė This includes Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

During his travels he saw the tremendous need Christians have for affordable Bible and Ministry Training. He founded a Bible College that provides free online training. For the last ten years Students from all over the world have graduated. Many are in Christian Ministry today.

After experiencing liver failure due to a deadly virus, he had a deathbed experience that radically changed his life. One of the books he has written is about the glorious experiences that await Christians in Heaven and the new Millennial World.

Ken has always had a love for Nature, Wild Life and Foraging. At a young age in Africa, the outdoors became appealing to him. He has been living in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee for over twenty years. He has befriended and come to know Cherokee Indians and Foraging Experts. This has enabled him to learn and enjoy many benefits of foraging wild plants. He has written a valuable book about this and how to live in difficult times.

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