This book is vastly different to other books about the Apocalypse. It reveals when the Rapture of Christians to Heaven will take place. The author had a deathbed experience and reveals many amazing things about Heaven.

This book is unique and will allow you to experience;
  • The welcome Christians get into Heaven
  • Walking through, seeing its magnificent places
  • Entering the New Jerusalem and it’s amazing life
  • Details of the New World of the Millennium
This journey will be breathtaking.

It will be an eye opening, reading experience.

It is a must read for those who want a glimpse of the Glorious Future that awaits Christians!

This book will help you to know the 24 Doctrines of the Bible.

You will find it easy to read and understand Having all these teachings at your finger tips in one book is most convenient.

It is a great book to keep next to your Bible to quickly access the Teachings of the Bible.

Be sure to invest in your spiritual life by getting this book today!

Would you like to know how your life may be impacted?

Allow me to share important information with you.

I became aware of an ancient world timeline. It is completely different from the Mayan timeline. While carefully studying it, I found two mistakes in its renderings. Once corrected, it highlighted the year 2012.

Now I believe that 2012 will usher in the final countdown of end time events.

I farther pieced together all the facts and discovered a chronological order of events that will soon take place in rapid succession.

Allow me to share with you what I know!

Read the book – “Understanding the End Times” It will be an eye opener!

Ken Wooldridge was born in Botswana and raised in Africa.

He has been living in Tennessee for over twenty years. He has learned the benefits of foraging wild edible and medicinal plants.

This book has information about preparing for and living in difficult times.

The foraging information should prove to be a great help for those wanting to forage.

It includes hard to find food and wild plant recipes. It also contains many other other valuable household and personal care recipes that will be helpful when living in difficult times.

The small investment in purchasing this book should prove to be of great value.