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Home Church Ministry Training
Special activities in the Home Church

There is a need for Evangelism in the Home Church.

There are several reasons why evangelism is needed:
  1. It is a part of the fulfilling of the great commission to evangelize the world.

  2. It is pleasing to the Lord.

  3. It is the way of growing the Home Church and Gods kingdom.

  4. It is a way to save people from going to hell and have eternal life.

Evangelism projects

Evangelism Training.

Members may attend Evangelism Training held from time to time at Good News Church.

Making Home Church Evangelism enjoyable.

It is most important that members enjoy all evangelism activities.

In this way, it will continue to be a positive, growing, and progressive experience in their lives.

Bible reading and the Home Church:

This can be done by asking one of the members to read a certain portion of scripture relating to the topic of the meeting.

It can also be done by having each member select and read a scripture from a treasure scripture holder.

Prayer and the Home Church.

Prayer Leader leading prayer.

During a meeting, the prayer leader may ask members to write down their prayer requests. At the prayer time the requests can be prayed over.

Praying for special needs.

From time to time it will be necessary for members to unite together in a type of prayer meeting for special needs.

Members learning to pray.

A leader should carefully help and lead members into praying. This is done over time, by allowing them to listen to others praying and teaching them how to pray. They should experience prayer as a part of their everyday life.

Families should start their day in prayer and pray over their meals together.

Members should develop a personal prayer time everyday where they;

Prayer walking.

Prayer walking is one of the most exciting events members can experience. It is done by Christians all over the world. The Home Church group can walk and pray over a subdivision or place.

Fasting and the Home Church.

Fasting for special needs.

From time to time there are very special needs within the Church that require collective fasting and prayer. (Acts 12:5)

This is a powerful way of ensuring answers to prayer.

When needed it should be carefully explained to the members?

Members personal fasting projects.

A leader should carefully help and lead members into fasting.

This is done over time, by allowing them to listen to others share about fasting and teaching them how to fast. Fasting should become a regular part of their personal life.

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